What I Believe/Don’t Believe About Art:

Art has three Contexts:

  • Historical (past)
  • Contemporary (now)
  • Imaginative (future)

All art is an assemblage of all the above, either by influence, interpretation or belief.

Mix in culture, religion, race, gender and age; then we have art (life).

To quote another author,

– “Talent in art” is basically a myth. I believe that sensitivity, inspiration,
hard work and conviction are much more important in producing
quality work.
– Neatness and speed do not count in art.
– Being original really means being/becoming yourself.
– There is no limit to what can be learned – it is a life-long process.
– There are as many viewpoints in art as there are human beings.
– There is no one, right way to make art.
– There are rules in art to be followed – however, for every rule I’ve
ever heard, I’ve seen a great work of art that is the exception.
– The entire universe is potential subject matter for art.
– Art is a process, not a product.
– Learning art is learning a new language, a visual language, where
the vocabulary consists of colours, forms, marks, and other visual
– Art is not a place for fear, but rather, freedom. It is one of the few
things we can do that cannot hurt anyone.
– The experience of making art is a creative (as opposed to
destructive) process. At its best, we lose ourselves, become
absorbed, unselfconscious.
– The “goal” of art should not just be to create a good work – but to
express what we are trying to express.
– Art needs to be more than “just visual.” It needs ideas, feelings –
and meaning.